Crown Chakra

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Heaven wants you to know...

Much like ‘Third Eye’ this 'Bundle of Reiki Love' stimulates the pineal gland connected to the
Crown Chakra for an enhanced meditation to connect with your Higher Self and Divine intellect. The mix of both sacred and garden herbs allows for tranquility to set in while you allow yourself to connect to Divine Guidance in blissful stillness.
 A simple combination of:
● Cedar, Mugwort, dillweed, bay leaves, cinnamon & peppermint.
Useful Affirmations (call on your Spirit Guides during meditation):
● I am connected to my higher wisdom
● I am intuitive, connected and at peace
● I am open to receiving from Divine Guidance
  • Do not leave any wands burning unsupervised.
  • Do not burn near an alarm.
  • Some herbs burn faster than others or require relighting.
  • Some herbs and oils like cinnamon & eucalyptus can be harmful to pets, especially cats. Please do not burn near them. 
  • Like all things, do not burn excessively especially if you have asthma.


  • These are practices of smoke clearing, always intend for the highest good of all, not sending any ill intentions or harm to any individual. These are to be used for mutual benefit if involving others and not for spell-casting, going outside Divine Law. Thank the Universe after every practice.
  • Bundles of Reiki Love are not for the use of Smudging but for smoke clearing and cleansing. Smudging is an indigenous closed ceremony used with white sage and is an important practice used within their culture. We have a responsibility to vulnerable communities to help protect and preserve their cultural practices. These floral bundles do not contain white sage due and are not intended to be used as smudge sticks for such ceremonies.
  • Smoke clearing is completely acceptable and highly effective as a spiritual practice to cleanse and lift vibrations for whatever intentions are embedded in each bundle.  -With love