Reiki Healing

Heaven wants you to know...

 REIKI is natural healing that helps the body on all levels, such as the mind, body, emotions and spirit.  It is used for stress reduction and relaxation without using pressure, manipulation or massage.


Top Ten Benefits of Reiki

1. Reduces stress

2. Promotes physical relaxation and calmness of the mind

3. Relieves pain, anxiety, and depression

4. Detoxifies the body

5. Dissolves energy blockages

6. Releases emotional wounds

7. Eases chronic pain or any physical distress

8. Helps prevent the development of disease

9. Increases the body’s vibrational frequency

10. Promotes self-awareness, personal growth and well-being 

Watch this video by Dr. Oz on the "Benefits of Reiki" 

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Learning Intuitive Reiki is POWERFUL and it can PERMANENTLY transform your life.

Reiki Level 1- You will be attuned into Reiki and taught the symbols and hand positions for self-healing.  

Reiki Level 2- With Reiki 2 initiation, you will be given three symbols and taught how to use them to makes distance healing possible, heal and release karma, non-healing uses of Reiki symbols and contact with Spirit Guides, Angels and crossed over loved ones, and soul family members.  This level primarily focuses on emotional and mental levels of healing.  

Reiki Level 3- This is the teaching level where information will be given on passing Reiki to others.  You will learn how to pass attunements and teach the Reiki system to others.  You will be a Reiki Master by the end of Level 3. 

Disclaimer: Reiki is not a substitute for traditional Medical treatment, if someone has a serious health imbalance they should see a Doctor or other appropriate professionals, and make complementary healing part of a complete health care program.