Our Philosophy

Kisses from Heaven was created by us, two empowering women, with the purpose of shining and sharing our love, compassion and spiritual knowledge with the outer world.  Each and every product we create has been infused with positive intentions and healing properties.  This means, they not only have a positive effect on your physical body and surroundings, but they also transform your inner self helping you to increase your vibrations to a higher frequency.  When your frequency is elevated this attracts all that is good in your life and releases all that does not serve you well.  

Now, when we say natural, we mean natural!  Each product is handmade, toxin free, SLS, parabens and phthalates free.  Our products are created by us and other highly trusted Artisans with the intention of positive energy transfer from the planting of ingredients, to production, then on to our consumers full of harmony. Our hope is aimed towards living a chemical and carcinogen free life and teaching others how to do so. The art of spiritual healing is an ancient therapy, and Kisses from Heaven strives to reintroduce it with the world.