Aqualead Healing

Heaven wants you to know... 

Aqualead Healing Energy is energy therapy focused on healing the water in your body, other living things and in our environment. This healing modality was first channeled by Sabine Blaise in 2008. The purpose is to salvage the Earth and restore the natural state of harmony and balance.

The human body is made of 70% water, and the Earth's surface is covered mostly with water. Therefore, healing water means healing the Earth, and all the life forms it supports.

Performing this healing on water is only a fragment of what this healing modality can extensively rehabilitate. Aqualead supports trees, vegetation and wildlife; all living things have the right to live free and undisturbed in their own natural environment. Aqualead supports conservation, recycling and sustainable agriculture. It also expands into abstract concepts found in human society, behaviours and ideas also healing relationships, legal issues or any social problems. It heals at the physical level, emotional and mental levels; it acts powerfully on the human body, as it raises the energy vibration in water in cells and tissues. 

Classes & Workshops

There are 3 levels of Aqualead Healing:
  • Level I: Healing All Living Being - learn to heal and cleanse water
  • Level II: Environmental Healing - heal and cleanse bodies of water
  • Level III: Aqualead Master - attract and manifest water

Classes are free of charge, and voluntary donations are accepted. 


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Blessing from Angel Ariel (Angel of Nature)

"The human body is composed mostly of water. Likewise, most of planet Earth's surface is covered with water. Water in your world is a previous gift of life. In order to heal the Earth and all its inhabitants, all its water must be purified and healed, so as to heal all the life forms it sustains. Healing and cleansing all the water on planet Earth, including the water inside your physical bodies, means healing the body, mind and emotions to bring a new level of clarity and balance.

This is a crucial time for your world to heal itself and for the planet to restore its natural state, and the angels are there to assist humanity throughout these important changes. Healing and cleansing the water inside your bodies will bring on a new healing vibration to the Earth. This means healing the oceans that surround you, as well as the ocean within. The human consciousness is a vast ocean, let alone the physical body. Animals, plants and trees are also the embodiment of this divine gift of life. Like all living creatures, the Earth itself needs its water cleansed, purified and rejuvenated in order to create a heavenly new world, free of harmful toxins.

This is why we share this new energy with you, dear ones, so we can work together and manifest a new healing life force within all living beings, on planet Earth. This healing vibration is no different from the energy of pure love and gratitude offered to all he water on this planet, found within all its creatures, its vegetation and within you."