Mother's Day

Treat the mother in your life - or you - to beautiful handmade high vibe products  made by us and the wonderful Nidhi Arya. Made with all-natural ingredients, free of parabens, perfumes and sulfates all infused with Reiki & Aqualead energy and cleansed in singing bowls.

This special giftset contains beautiful high vibe self care and cleansing products to boost love and peace in anyone's heart!

This giftset contains

A Mother's Love Bundle with Rose quartz infused with Reiki & 432 hz healing
Night Mist
Peace Soap with Amethyst & Frankincense infused with Reiki, Crystal & Aqualead
Natural essential oil soap
2 bath bombs
1 shower steamer
Pure Rose Oil infused with Reiki & 432 Hz

Available for a limited time with limited supplies!

Available for curbside pickup in Mississauga, free shipping and free curbside drop off to you in Peel region.

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