'Bundles of Reiki Love' by Arya Alternative are bundles made out of sacred herbs & plants to bring healing to you and your home.

Each bundle is infused with Reiki energy, containing different herbs & some with selenite for various intentions, whether it's to promote love & self healing, remove unwanted energy or manifest abundance. As you burn each bundle, the Reiki energy will release itself to further remove negativity & bring healing where it is needed.


Arya Alternative, by Nidhi Arya 

Upon my first experience receiving Reiki, I felt it's energy. It was an overwhelming energy surge between my Third Eye and Throat Chakra. This was the beginning of me finding my freedom from mental health issues which also improved my physical health as a result. After realizing it's power and the rejuvenation it provided me I decided to study Intuitive Reiki, completing my first, second and third degree Master. After my final certification five years ago I'm now practicing as a dedicated Practitioner and Teacher. An now as of May 2020, I am certified NLP using cognitive healing techniques that work with the Unconscious Mind.

If we are suffering physically, emotionally and/or spirituality, Holistic healing gets in touch with your soul to allow your life source to flow, and as a result giving you a chance to understand your body and mind, how it's connected and how you can live joyfully in equilibrium.