Kisses from Heaven would like to wish you all a HAPPY SPRING!  Congratulations on making it through the winter!  Our Mother Earth is now awakening from her slumber, providing rain to the trees, flower buds and seedlings allowing them to grow, repopulate and provide food for the animals, insects and even us, continuing the circle of life.

This is the season that inspires us to commit to evolving into our best selves. We may have past beliefs that need releasing to create space and give birth to new ideas, new perspectives and new relationships. Let’s spring forward and engage in “Spring Cleaning” or as Kisses From Heaven likes to call it, “Spring Cleansing.” We can cleanse the energy in our homes by organizing, getting rid of clutter and donating items that our space no longer needs. We can cleanse the energy in our lives by burning sacred herbs, using oils and mists, and indulging in self-care.

Don’t fret, Kisses From Heaven has the perfect solution to help you get rid of stagnant energies in your home, office, car and aura with our cleansing kit!

We are offering you our CLEANSING KIT for only $60!!  It includes a Sacred Herbs, an Abalone Shell, a Reiki Mist and a FREE Affirmation Bath Bomb with FREE HOME DELIVERY all across GTA!

The Cleansing Kit Includes:

💮 One Sacred Herbs.  This a unique blend of pure organic Californian white sage infused with natural French Lavender, Holy Frankincense and Myrrh which have been specifically formulated to cleanse negative energies around you and bring in positive energy.  It’s like taking an energetic shower or undertaking a metaphysical cleanse.

Directions: Light the Sacred Herbs in an abalone shell and let them burn to release smoke into the air.  Then you can start the process of clearing your space. The smoke from the dried herbs changes the iconic composition of the air which has a direct effect on reducing stress so we recommend saying a mantra “Any lower energies, you do not belong here, release deep into mother earth and never come back, only good and positive energies reside here”.  Make sure you have a door or a window open so that the smoke and the energies will be released and feel the energetic shift within yourself and your sacred space.

💮 One Abalone Shell.  These natural shells are made of iridescent colours and are often referred to as “Mother of Pearl."  Each shell possesses a strong emotional bond with the Earth and its healing capabilities bring peace, love, calm and harmony to one's life.  These shells are just the perfect fit to safely burn sage and Sacred Herbs.

💮 One Small Reiki Mist.  We like to call it, "Sage on the Go!"

Do you ever find it a challenge to burn your beautiful White Sage everywhere you go? Reiki Mist aims to clear dense and negative energies from your surroundings by replacing them with positive energy, filled with love and light.

Reiki Mist contains many precious ingredients including:

  • Sage – Clears negative energy
  • Lavender – Calming properties
  • Juniper – Positive protective energy & detoxification
  • Frankincense – Energizing
  • Cedar – Grounding
  • Himalayan Rock Salt – Detoxification

💮 One FREE Affirmation Bath Bomb of your choice!  


Call Farrah at 647-302-1113 or Chiara at (416) 844-6269 to place your order today!


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