Chakras are a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or disc.  We have our physical body which we can see and we have our etheric body which is invisible and is the receiver of life force that moves throughout our chakras making them the energy centers of our body. We have 7 main chakras that are arranged in a vertical column of energy that connects us between our higher self and earth.  The goal of the 7 chakras is to stay open, aligned and connected allowing life force energy to move fluidly between them. As we continue along the path of life, our chakras begin to spin too slow, too fast, or not at all.  When this occurs, the life force energy cannot flow and will create stagnant energy which results in our chakras being blocked and not functioning at their optimum. This can cause emotional and physical imbalances in ourselves and our external environment.  

We have created chakra soaps like no other!  We have individually handcrafted each soap with chakra essential oils and embedded each soap with chakra crystals. This energizes and uplifts the frequency of each chakra, as well as offering you a keepsake allowing your chakra to continue functioning at its best.

Wait, it gets better! We have infused each and every chakra soap with Reiki and Aqualead healing balancing, cleansing and healing each chakra.

Each soap provides a description to assist you. Listen deeply to your soul as you choose the right chakra for you or for your loved ones.