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“I will shine, because the Universe is mine!” Affirm it to yourself. How does that make you feel? Does it make you feel protected, confident and safe? Does it instill love and faith in your soul? In truth, the entire Universe is ours. We create our very own waking reality from the emotions we feel, the thoughts we think and the beliefs we hold.

Kisses From Heaven is a sweet reminder that we are not alone. Kisses are those miracles and energetic rays we receive from higher sources and dimensions, such as God, Archangels, Spirit Guides and Spiritual Beings. They come in the form of heavenly signs, feelings, messages and healing modalities.  

Now, more than ever, we have all the tools we need at our disposal to find happiness, improve our well-being, and receive guidance to navigate through difficult times.  The variety of tools which we have are endless.

One of the most powerful tools is the power of healing modalities. We incorporate the benefits of these modalities into our soaps and products. The main modalities we use are Reiki and Aqualead Healing Energy, Unicorn Energy, Crystal Therapy, Chakra Therapy, Sound Therapy and Colour Therapy. The results have been profound in that they have provided energetic shifts in people's lives, lifting them to higher vibrations.

Let us tell you a story of a woman who was going through a transitional period in her life. She was experiencing sudden turbulence in her relationship which caused her anxiety to spike and drown her with emotions.  There was so much change happening around her that she was afraid for what that meant with her relationship. The same evening when things felt like they were falling apart, she received our amethyst crystal soap. She felt it was special and didn't want to use it right away so she tucked it away in a cardboard bag on her dining room table. Upon awakening the next morning, the bag on her dining table rustled and began to flicker. At first she was shocked as she was home alone but then the feeling of safety followed.  It was her Guides reminding her that the amethyst soap was in the bag and she needed to use it.  While using it in the shower, as the soap began to dissolve, releasing the crystal energy, she immediately felt in perfect alignment and synchronicity with her emotions. That moment gave her the strength to let go of her fears, and to trust, in knowing that no matter what happens she's divinely guided.  As she let her guard down and released her fears she allowed herself to feel joy and experience laughter despite the tension at home while carrying the crystal that was divinely put in her possession. As her guard came down the conflict resolved and put them on a new trajectory. The transformation she was experiencing was for her higher good and she felt more clarity in her vision. 

Our purpose here on Earth is to shift ourselves into a higher vibration. Our soaps do just that. The palmful of energy we transfer into our soaps promote further healing to overcome the challenges we face. 

In order to receive these Kisses From Heaven, we perform a sacred ceremony led by us combining Reiki, Aqualead and Crystal Healing Energy. We call upon the ArchAngels for added protection, grounding and healing to be infused within each and every product. To begin the ceremony we illuminate candles around the energy grid, introducing the element of fire. The luminous flames embrace our soaps with inspiration and manifestation. We conclude with a prayer and set intentions that each person who uses them, with the energy carried forward, will receive an increased surge of blessings for their mind, body and soul. 

Kisses From Heaven not only heals our physical and spiritual bodies, it elevates the frequency, and also shares our intention for positive energy through our Earth. As the soaps trickle down the drain and transfer through our water system, this carries forward the healing for the bodies of water, which carries forward to the wildlife and ecosystem, healing our Planet.

Our purpose here is to spread healing to Earth and all of its inhabitants. If and when we find ourselves in a place of confusion or despair, there are several ways to help lift us up. We can rest assured that we are never alone. This is our mission at Kisses From Heaven to uplift you and to remind yourself that, “I will shine, because the Universe is mine!”


By Farrah Suleman and Chiara Dias

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