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The Power of Crystals

Mother Earth has been extremely generous by gifting us with crystals.  Crystals are formed from atoms of the same or different elements aligning in a specific geometric molecular structure manifesting into beautiful and powerful art of life. They are formed by the Earth through the coming together of atoms becoming a uniformed cluster. In other words, crystals are holistic tools created by our planet to help support our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  

Each crystal has its own unique vibration and energy field, just like us! Incorporating crystals into our lives allows for greater protection, expansion and balance in our energy field because the vibrations of the crystals have an influence on our personal energetic field. For instance, as you hold a Rose Quartz near you, which vibrates at a frequency of 350 harmonic hertz, the atoms of the physical body entwine with the atoms of the crystal, elevating the heart chakra and releasing any blockages. The benefits of crystals range from being able to promote a good flow of energy, to repelling negative energy to easing anxiety and assisting us with manifesting our deepest desires. Some crystals are assigned the job to provide personal protection whether it's during travel, sleeping at night or during the Mercury Retrograde when things around us feel chaotic. They have the ability to protect our homes, offices, work space and even schools.

You may be wondering how exactly can crystals be used? The honest answer is in any way you like! You can develop a relationship with your choice of crystals. When shopping for crystals, the right one will jump out at you, and you will innately know which one is meant for you. When this happens, you can place specific intentions for your crystal(s)!  For instance, you can hold a clear quartz crystal in the palm of your hand to program it to hold your specific intentions or wish.  By doing this, the quartz crystal will continue to constantly put your intention out to the universe, even when you are not thinking about it!  What if you feel you are in need of protection? Sometimes when our energy is low from picking up energies that don’t belong to us, black tourmaline is the perfect recommendation. This dark stone can be kept under your bed or pillow and you can hold onto it at all times in order to protect and shield you from psychic attacks or negative energies.  It’s also a great stone to help cleanse the emotional body of negative thoughts, anxieties, anger or feelings of unworthiness.  Again, each crystal has its own responsibilities and you will know which one resonates with you the most.  At Kisses From Heaven, we have incorporated crystals such as the amethyst, rose quartz, citrine and clear quartz into soaps to allow your entire mind, body and soul to resonate with the power of these stones.  Each crystal soap comes with an affirmation to assist you in calling forth its unique properties to uplift you and bring forth the power that already exists within you to create a magical combination of healing.  

When you begin to collect crystals, it's important that you get into the habit of cleansing them often since this is the only way to cleanse and recharge them, restoring your crystals to their natural state.  There are many ways to do this with the power of nature! You can place your crystals under the sun or moon light, burn sage and allow the smoke to cleanse the crystals or use our Reiki Mist for an easy and convenient way. Selenite crystal can also be used to cleanse your other crystals as it is a powerful, all-around crystal with many benefits. Try keeping a Selenite tower in the middle of your crystals allowing it to constantly cleanse and redirect any energies that dim their frequencies.

Crystals are extremely powerful natural elements we can use to assist us with our journey through life. Kisses From Heaven provides the highest quality and innovative products such as our crystal soaps to help support the balance of our spirit and navigate through our earthly journey.  We are always here to give guidance when you want to learn more about crystals and what we offer.

By Chiara Dias and Farrah Suleman

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