Cleansing Your Way to New Beginnings

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Cleansing Your Way to New Beginnings

During these transitioning times we are facing, it’s of the utmost significance that we cleanse our energetic aura and physical space. As our world goes through an energetic shift as a collective consciousness, it is beneficial for us to cleanse the old to make way for the new. There are numerous ways and tools that we can use for conducting an energetic cleanse. However, first, it’s important that we understand what auras are. An aura is a colourful electromagnetic field that surrounds and emanates from our bodies. Each aura has seven layers that govern the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being.  As we go about our daily tasks and interactions, the energies from those experiences become absorbed by our aura. This includes all the pleasant and unpleasant moments which get attached to our energetic field and space. It’s important to note that physical objects also have fixed auras surrounding them because everything is made up of matter and matter essentially is made up of energy.

Cleansing our energy is important as we continuously need to purify our mind, body and soul for it to vibrate at its highest frequency.  When our energetic field is affected this can show up in ways we never would have expected, such as physical and emotional symptoms.  For example, have you ever walked into a room and felt tension without anyone verbalizing it? That’s because your intuition has naturally told you there’s a form of energy that is not overtly seen but is felt.  How about this, have you ever felt sad and didn’t know why? Sometimes without consciously knowing it, you might talk to someone who is suffering from depression and didn’t know.  Suddenly that same evening you begin to feel sad. This is because you’ve taken someone else's sadness and internalized it as your own. That energy has gotten stuck in your aura. 

The important question remains, how do we protect ourselves from taking on other people's energies without knowing it? Just as we shower regularly to cleanse ourselves from allowing any microorganisms to harm us and cause any sickness, we must also cleanse our energy to prevent our energy field from being affected. This same concept works with physical objects as well. When we receive a gift or purchase an item, it’s important to cleanse it to allow the previous energies attached to them to release and embrace the new items as our own.  

To do this there are many “cleansing tools” at our disposal, such as sage, selenite, our very own Reiki Mist as well as cleansing rituals that connect with water and the moon. Sage is an ancient herb, native to the Aboriginal tradition worldwide. Many Shamans burned sage to cleanse negative energies and to also heal and purify their aura.  Sage reminds us of incense; you simply burn it and allow the smoke to transmute all the stagnant energies in your space, aura and physical objects. Next we have a very powerful crystal called selenite. Selenite is known to clear negative energies and to help reprogram other crystals. We personally love to use the selenite wand. All you have to do is take the wand and wave it around your auric field as if you’re showering with it, scraping away and detaching energies around your entire body.  There is no need to recharge the selenite wand because it’s powerful enough to sustain itself.  We then have a quick solution that you can keep by your side at all times such as our Reiki Mist. Sprays or mists are a quick and useful alternative for cleansing. As we can’t always sage ourselves or our space when on the go and travelling, our Reiki Mist comes in handy. It’s our Sage-On-The-Go!  You just spray it and those energies you don’t want, vanish right away!

If you’re ready to cleanse, here is a ritual we want to share with you that we personally use on a regular basis. You can use this ritual with any cleansing tools you desire. 

First, open all windows and doors of your space to ensure that negative and stagnant energies can freely leave. Light your sage in an abalone shell and slowly guide the burning smoke as you walk from the entrance of your door to the corners of your space. You can then proceed to allow the smoke from the sage to circle around you. As you watch the sage burning and releasing smoke into the air, you can recite the following ritual: 

“I cleanse and release all that no longer belongs to me. 

I create space for new positive experiences to enter into my life. 

I ask that all energies which do not reside with love to be taken away. 

Only love, light and positivity resides within me and around me, 

for the highest good of myself and others.”

Practice cleansing your energy frequently and bring your awareness to how you feel when you do so. We wish you all the best with your new cleansing journey!  We offer many free workshops, webinars and educational videos if you would like to follow us on Instagram and Facebook and subscribe to our email.

 By Chiara Dias and Farrah Suleman

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